AMG was launched in September 2002 with a vision enhance the Surveillance quality across the globe for all classes. The Video Surveillance system is designed and manufactured in United Kingdom for securing critical infrastructure worldwide. We distinguish ourselves by an unrelenting commitment to excellence in terms of our product software, hardware, and support. We provide integrated security solutions powered by AI technology to support end-users with new applications and possibilities for safety management and business intelligence.

Our video security software analyses and stores video images from hundreds or thousands of cameras and enables them to call up the video image they need, when they need it, at the touch of a button – in a matter of seconds, in full compliance with the strict rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Over half of AMG employees are R&D engineers. With 10% annual investment of the sales revenue, solid knowledge and years of experience, AMG has gained strong R&D strength. Therefore, AMG is able to introduce innovative products and satisfy customers’ needs with customized solutions.

Located At: Ground floor, City view high Aclere avenue, Salford M74 Zu, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

A Multinational Company

AMG headquartered is in Manchester, United Kingdom, and regional offices worldwide. AMG has established as one of the most extensive marketing networks in the industry with global active network spread across 155 countries.

Our strong focus on quality, reliability, and partner loyalty, has allowed us to maintain our position as an emerging industry leader in industrial-grade video surveillance market. Reliability and quality management have been fundamental pillars in the success of AMG.

Over the past decade, AMG has participated in the adoption and growth of AI-driven video systems and solutions. We continue our legacy of designing the best, most advanced, and highest reliability megapixel video products in the industry.